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Autumn Winter  Personalisation Gallery Leather LIfestyle

Leather Boutique Bangalore | Online Leather Accessories for Men and Women

Your Voice
Lovely Collections...... Beats Hidesign !!
Mamatha - Bangalore
Good Service !!
Jacques Corimbelly - Bangalore
Very impressive products.Best of luck.
M Rathnaswamy - Bangalore
Great Stuff !!
Varun Holla - Bangalore
Awesome !! will be back .
Kai Chyne Woon - Bangalore
Loved the Collection and the Service!
Asma Qureshi - Bangalore
Amazing collections and very good service.
Gokul - Bangalore
I Love Your Facade !! Great Collection .
Diana Christian - Bangalore
The store looks rocking in the pics..Love the colours & variety! Congrats JO & Zee !!!! Can't wait to see it in person.. !!
Advaitha Arunkumar - New York
too cool !!
Sanjay Cherian - Bangalore
Very Nice Collection. 
Arati - Bangalore
Fantastic Collection 
Sukanth - Bangalore
A Perfect Start .....
Sidharth K - Bangalore
Lovely collection !! 
Shruti - Bangalore
Pretty Stuff .
Deeptha Narayan - Bangalore
Loved the Jackets !!!
Vasavi P.N. - Bangalore
Neat Collection. 
Sandhya - Bangalore
Different & Classy Stuff !!
Mr.Ganesh -
Good Stuff ..
Deeksha Shetty - Bangalore
Love the leather smell !!
Akhila Srinivas - Bangalore
Boho Chic, Hippy charm for me and my skirts with less guilt, all thanks to the green factories you source from. Thank you much, dear J,Z & TLB.
Suzanna Kurian - Bangalore
Stylish Shop ! Like the collection too.
Madhavi - Bangalore
Classy Stuff.
Karthik C A - Bangalore
Very nice collection !! Good Luck !!
Anna Eipe - Bangalore
Was so great to see the bag up close & personal. I loved it. Thanks ! 
Anu Isaac - Bangalore
Absolutely brilliant! love the collection! I live in Jaipur, is there any way I can order from you guys? Can I see a catalogue with prices?
Nidhi Dube - Jaipur
Loved my first visit to the store - what a great place! I know I'll be back to get gifts for friends... I wonder if I'll be able to resist buying for myself as well. Such a great collection - thanks!
Liz Scully - Bangalore
Looks so good, J & Z. Have fun
Suzanna Kurian - Bangalore
Impressive Jacket Collection !! 
Rahil M. - Bangalore
Hi i am a big fan of your shop . i need to know if you make custom name tags .thank you 
Abhijit Bhograj - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan. we finally visited your store. It seemed so familiar to me after being so familiar with the TLB FB page. I loooove my clutch - a navy blue with a bow. Please convey our regards to your mum - Susan - who gave us the final push in its direction. Much love, Anjani & Bharath
Anjani Shetty - Bangalore
Love the store theme and colours.
Megha - Bangalore
Nice Products!! Nice Stuff !!
Assam - Japanese
Pretty Unique .
Rocky Andoh - Bangalore
Good collection !!
Gaurav Gupta - Bangalore
Glad I Dropped In !!
Navya Nanjappa - Bangalore
I want all the bags Jo!! Awesome Designs!
Neha Bajaj - Bangalore
Excellent Collection.
Ranga - Bangalore
Excellent Stuff !! 
Chandrika R Desai - Bangalore
The brand of TLB is also really popular among Japanese expats in Bangalore. Always looking forward to the new collection.
Tomoki Nagaya - Japan
Store Manager Has Been Extremely Helpful And Customer Friendly.
Dino Lorenzin - Australia
Lovely Collection !!
Prem Zachaiah - Bangalore
Awesome looking stuff. I plan to buy the following this year:
In-flight Strolley, Messenger bag
Would love to see your range of messenger bags. Where can I get a dekko?
Gurprriet Siingh - Mumbai
Nice Modern Showroom for latest designs in leather goods. Winner of "Hero Indian Open" lucky draw.
Mr Ram Mohan Rao - Bangalore
Great  Store. Brilliant collection.Love the ipad.
Syma Ahmed - Bangalore
Loved the stock & the detailing.
Nishi Rahman - Bangalore
Awesome Stuff !!
Ashwini Sashidhar - Bangalore
Excellent Products. Best Wishes.
Manesh Chatterjee - Bangalore
Great Place.
Shilpa M K - Bangalore
Lovely Collection.
Meghana Koshi - Bangalore