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Autumn Winter  Personalisation Gallery Leather LIfestyle

Leather Boutique Bangalore and Online Leather Accessories for Men and Women

Your Voice
Loved the Jackets !!!
Vasavi P.N. - Bangalore
Fantastic Collection 
Sukanth - Bangalore
An amazing store and the perfect start! All the very best guys!
I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.
Sidharth Krishnama - Hyderabad
Good Store !! Unique Collection.
Karthik S - Bangalore
Store Manager Has Been Extremely Helpful And Customer Friendly.
Dino Lorenzin - Australia
Awesome !! will be back .
Kai Chyne Woon - Bangalore
Great Messenger Bag!
Shelton Dinhlero - Cochin
I LOVE your stuff!
Vaibhav Mahajan - Bangalore
Excellent collection ! Loved the wide range of stuff both for ladies & gentleman.
Mrs Sandhya Jagannathan - Bangalore
Good Stuff ..
Deeksha Shetty - Bangalore
The products look stunning!
Hecktor Nowroji - Bangalore
Thank you TLB....i loved my new wallet...was waiting for it since long....i just loved the color and the yes the super fine quality of leather...will be coming back to shop more soon enough ... Thank u again...
Tanvi Gandhi - New Delhi
Impressive Collection!
Ronald Jason - Bangalore
Great  Store. Brilliant collection.Love the ipad.
Syma Ahmed - Bangalore
The smell of leather says it all :)
Arjun Zacharia - Bangalore
So Vogue  :)
Gai Haobam - Bangalore
Good Leather.
Yukiko lshikawa - Japan
Love the thought and effort put into every detail of the store.TLB is the best leather store around. Love it ! Only leather store for me from now.
Susanna Chandy - Bangalore
Great Stuff :)
Ritu Saini - Bangalore
A Perfect Start .....
Sidharth K - Bangalore
Fresh & Trendy Warm Stuff!
V.J.Yadav - Bangalore
Good Stuff !!
Kishore Reddy - Bangalore
So glad I took the time to come.
Zarine - Bangalore
Amazing collections and very good service.
Gokul - Bangalore
So Classy!
Anusha - Bangalore
Classy Stuff.
Karthik C A - Bangalore
Lovely Collection.
Suvarna Agarwal - Bangalore
too cool !!
Sanjay Cherian - Bangalore
I want all the bags Jo!! Awesome Designs!
Neha Bajaj - Bangalore
Different & Classy Stuff !!
Mr.Ganesh -
I ordered TLB in Singapore and have received the package in 2days! It was an amazing shopping experience and my friends love the bags!
Alla - Singapore
The collection was absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I visited yesterday and met with Jayanti who is ever so warm and gracious!
Sindhu Nadig - Bangalore
Impressive Jacket Collection !! 
Rahil M. - Bangalore
Excellent Stuff !! 
Chandrika R Desai - Bangalore
Good Stuff!
Santosh Joseph - Bangalore
Lovely Collection.
Meghana Koshi - Bangalore
Nitya Noronha - New Zealand
Excellent Products & Service.
Varun - Bangalore
Awesome Stuff!
Ashwini Sashidhar - Bangalore
Very Good Stuff :)
Juli - Bangalore
Totally love the collection especially the bags.
Ritu Arya - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan. we finally visited your store. It seemed so familiar to me after being so familiar with the TLB FB page. I loooove my clutch - a navy blue with a bow. Please convey our regards to your mum - Susan - who gave us the final push in its direction. Much love, Anjani & Bharath
Anjani Shetty - Bangalore
The boutique is perfect !!
Sandeep Bothireddy - Bangalore
Glad I Dropped In !!
Navya Nanjappa - Bangalore
Great Selection!
Annamma Mathew - Bangalore
I Bought A Bag. I Love It !!
Keiichi Toyoda - Japan
Great Stuff !!
Varun Holla - Bangalore
Loved the Collection and the Service!
Asma Qureshi - Bangalore
Stylish Shop! Like the collection too.
Madhavi - Bangalore
Very Nice Collection.
Asif - Bangalore