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Mustang Sally Salisbury Duffle
Autumn Winter  Leather LIfestyle Personalisation Gallery

Leather Boutique Bangalore and Online Leather Accessories for Men and Women

Your Voice
Great Colours.
Ramani Amnkumar - Bangalore
Very nice stuff ! Had a great time browsing !! Thank You 
Amrita - Bangalore
Love the colours !!
Jyoti Singh - Bangalore
The collection was absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I visited yesterday and met with Jayanti who is ever so warm and gracious!
Sindhu Nadig - Bangalore
Different & Classy Stuff !!
Mr.Ganesh -
Store Manager Has Been Extremely Helpful And Customer Friendly.
Dino Lorenzin - Australia
Love the vintage look of the store and the colours !
Rhea Gupte - Mumbai
Fantastic Collection 
Sukanth - Bangalore
I Love Your Facade !! Great Collection .
Diana Christian - Bangalore
Loved the Jackets !!!
Vasavi P.N. - Bangalore
A Perfect Start .....
Sidharth K - Bangalore
Liked the Hipflask.
Nisheeta Swarup - Bangalore
Amazing collections and very good service.
Gokul - Bangalore
Really nice store! Love it !
Diana Billimoria - Bangalore
The products look stunning!
Hecktor Nowroji - Bangalore
Very Nice Collection.
Asif - Bangalore
Very Good Stuff :)
Juli - Bangalore
Nice design and variety.
Raj Ramanujam - Bangalore
Great Models. Very classy and modern. Great collection.
Vaviane Thoueille - Paris
Was so great to see the bag up close & personal. I loved it. Thanks ! 
Anu Isaac - Bangalore
Glad I Dropped In !!
Navya Nanjappa - Bangalore
Nice Modern Showroom for latest designs in leather goods. Winner of "Hero Indian Open" lucky draw.
Mr Ram Mohan Rao - Bangalore
Love the store theme and colours.
Megha - Bangalore
The store looks rocking in the pics..Love the colours & variety! Congrats JO & Zee !!!! Can't wait to see it in person.. !!
Advaitha Arunkumar - New York
Our Japanese friend visited and purchased your fabulous bag. He really likes your bag and always shows off it.
It's our pleasure to see him.
Thank You!
Tomoki Nagaya - Japan
Excellent collection ! Loved the wide range of stuff both for ladies & gentleman.
Mrs Sandhya Jagannathan - Bangalore
Check out my super cool leather sling from TLB (The Leather Boutique)...what i love most about their collection is that it's made in india!!!
Namu Kini - Bangalore
Absolutely brilliant! love the collection! I live in Jaipur, is there any way I can order from you guys? Can I see a catalogue with prices?
Nidhi Dube - Jaipur
Super Stuff Zee !!
Achu Jacob - Oman
I Love TLB!! So Much
Kensuke Chida - Japan
Impressive Collection!
Ronald Jason - Bangalore
Excellent Ambience!
Namitha - Bangalore
Lovely Collection.
Suvarna Agarwal - Bangalore
Very good collection .
Kusuma H - Bangalore
Good collection !!
Gaurav Gupta - Bangalore
Love the selection and quality. Will be back !
Isabella Ruskin - Singapore
The store has turned out great .... Very proud of you. And whoever the photographer was has done an amazing job with the pictures!  I would definitely return.
Anusha Kariappa - Bangalore
Enjoyed the visit. Lovely Stuff!
Lakshmi Sankar - Bangalore
I ordered TLB in Singapore and have received the package in 2days! It was an amazing shopping experience and my friends love the bags!
Alla - Singapore
Great Selection!
Annamma Mathew - Bangalore
Good Service !!
Jacques Corimbelly - Bangalore
Great Stuff!!!
Ravi Machani - Bangalore
Love your Designs!
Dhruthi Reddy - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan. we finally visited your store. It seemed so familiar to me after being so familiar with the TLB FB page. I loooove my clutch - a navy blue with a bow. Please convey our regards to your mum - Susan - who gave us the final push in its direction. Much love, Anjani & Bharath
Anjani Shetty - Bangalore
Loved the Collection and the Service!
Asma Qureshi - Bangalore
Lovely Stuff !!
Ishreen Jolly - Bangalore
Neat stuff!
Mahesh G - Bangalore
Very Great Collection.
Lakshmi N.K. - Bangalore
Fresh & Trendy Warm Stuff!
V.J.Yadav - Bangalore
I just received the courier package for the wallet.
Packaging was pretty good, and I just love the Wallet.
It was exactly how I wanted it to be, and it feels pretty awesome aswell.
Sohail - Hyderabad